The Symphony of Gaia

The melody of nature
Which is the homes for many creature
While sing through all souls where
The bliss is taken with care

The rustling of air through breathing
Is like the the sound in harmonica which is breathing
Both have a sound while inhaling and exhaling
Giving a new melody that transcends

The dropping of dew drop clashing to the group
Is like the sweet melody of piano with dropping sound
Both have a own style that is elegant and sweet
Which creates a tune when clashing with different tones like different sweets

The flapping of cricket
Is like the cheering in cricket
Both have a symphony and melody
Where dances are done by cheering lady

The endless sky has a tune on its own
It is like a keyboard which has endless tune as it own
Both are endless and have many secret's
It's pleasant and loved by even if you are a hypocrite

The chirrupings of bird is heard through the forest
Is like the sound of flute which helps people to rest
Both are the engines of their respective places
That creates joy and happiness with graces

The sound in the spirit of fire that burns brightly
Is like the the sound of guitar which is sung swiftly
Both have a passion that is never extuingshed
Both of their performance makes fire lashed

The roar of lion that symbolises victory
Is like the sound of trumphet of victory
Both make sound for greeting the majestic kings
Or rock everyone with their fiery nature of kings

Chaos will spread when the symphony of Gaia is dead
So don't lose the melody that keeps the world sane like I say

Don't destroy nature

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