The Symphony Of Winter

Winter is here.
The white snow is covering the ground,
And the colors have turned around.
The trees have no leaves,
Shaken by the cold, winter breeze.
The children go and play,
For as long as there is day.
The animals are all gone,
Each of them all with their mom.
Back into their homes,
To warm up their cold, cold bones.
Millions of snowflakes falling to the ground,
Each one not making a single little sound.
For the world is full of snow,
Only to melt, when the sun will show.
Holidays are celebrated,
With your family and friends,
But I fear that each and every one of them ends.
Winter is here,
And Spring may be near...

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Key Words : Winter, Cold

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This Poems Story

This is a Rhyme Poem about Winter, and tells what happens during Winter.