The system of authority


The system of authority, we call it convention.
We became descendants since its inception.
It facilitates luxury and comfort of every kind,
Takes away the vitality and seizes your mind.
There will be no hardship if you rally all along,
Your choice your voice and the journey is long.
No might right over you seemingly independent,
All studded glittering throne set for its ascendant.
You can not challenge and ask for the answers,
You, the social puppet , staged string dancers.
It is the order and you follow no shy no shame,
Easy life and cosy path, are gifts of the game.
Authority demands autonomy in all its dimensions,
You are falling in the trap of your own inventions.
Vulnerable as you are and now highly incapacitated,
You broke up with supreme and thus decimated.
The system of authority claims every stake,
They reserve the lion share of your cream-cake.
Shackles of centuries can be broken with a blow,
Hit every node hard to or, get crumbled in the flow.
Be up for the challenge it to be blessed with liberty.
Hang on because the authority tussle demands some authority.

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