The tale of a writer

People call her a writer..
But she is indeed a fighter..
Her ears have heard those beautiful lies..
But no one sees the pain in her eyes..
Broken hearts? Yes they smile a lot..
Because in the hardest of situations alone they have fought..
Tough she is and yes she is rude..
Most of her time she spends with food..
Rest of the time with her books..
As she doesn't wanna face people who judge her by looks..
Just a handful of good friends she has..
As she stays away from people who are a pain in the ass..
Don't ever think that she's nice..
Hurt her once and she'll break you twice..
Hard to love, harder to understand..
But she'll always be there to hold your hand..
Whenever you need help, her best she'll try..
No matter how broken you are she won't let you cry..
Because she knows the pain of tears..
It's not about crying, it's about those fears..
Fear of separation, fear of falling apart..
When someone does not know from where should they start..
In dark lives, she loves to put onn some lights..
She writes what she feels and she feels what she writes!

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