The Tale of Life

In a world full of chaos and pain ""
Would I risk my own skin to save the soul of another,
Or would I hoard my precious life and allow others to die?
In a place ripe with hatred, venom dripping from all tongues ""
Would I rescue the suffering victim,
Or heap up insults of my own?
In a universe where the stench of greed rises from the streets ""
Would I refuse my last dollar to clothe the poor,
Or would I banish the needy and let the greed overtake my soul?
On an Earth overrun with contempt and anger ""
Would I show love and mercy to those who need it most,
Or would I despise the wretched and look down upon the enemy?
In a cosmos that favors the wicked and adores the corrupted ""
Would I be a righteous friend to the lonely,
Or would I laugh upon the humble with scorn and disdain?
The words of my story continuously unfold,
But at the final page,
Shall the tale of a hero
Or a villain be told?

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