The Tear

A single droplet slowly trickles out and rains down onto the
worn blanket
It makes a small, dark puddle, hardly noticeable at first glance

That single stain has all the hidden scars and wounds of a
loving mother
One who cannot cry freely and blames the invisible dust in her eyes

She rubs away the droplet but her pains can't be
rubbed away
It stains her heart forever and never dries or fades

She lets herself be seen to her family only when she has a
beautiful smile
To make it seem like the sunshine will always be warm and welcome

But deep inside the tear burns away her heart like a
scorching sun
Because she can't do anything more than give her family love

The tear trickled out yesterday
The tear trickles out today
The tear will trickle out tomorrow
And even now, right at this moment,

The tear is trickling out

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