The Tears of Autumn

Crispy golden leaves glide slowly to the ground
Like rusty tears upon the cement
The trees shrivel up day by day
As they let go of what they lament

The air turns brittle, but not stagnant
As the trees release their children to the wind
Some are eager to go, some are eager to please
But all wonder, have they truly sinned?

Why are they being cast upon this brutal ground?
Being released from their nest in the air?
Only a few remain among these broken branches
The few that the wind will now spare

The wind that raids shows little mercy
On these leaves or where they might nest
To them these leaves are simply a blight
Something their fierce power should test

And as the leaves drift to the earth by their thousands
They approach their frostbitten death
And as the trees turn grimmer and grimmer
They await and fear their last lingering breath

And as winter comes upon these trees
The leaves are always the first to die
But the ground can surely take their corpses
For when it comes to death, the earth is anything but shy

And as the branches slowly decay
I gaze up upon these rotting trees
Hoping I will one day see the beauty
That countless others will see in those leaves

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This Poems Story

Just about the beauty of autumn and how it transforms into winter.