The Tears!

Humans must stop making so many thangs of today their God,
not seeing the reality it is only satan's path they trod.
Most may think today that being blind is having no eyes,
As We detect them in their heads We know it's just a simple disguise.
To perceive the Light and Truth must Be with Spirit not the flesh,
then truth can roll along and Our spiritual gears shall mesh.
Everyone must Be considerate of what this world wants the least,
Rest assured One will not find Life in the hands of a greedy beast.
It's the Bad ways of the world are from what We must depart,
goes well to do right for the Lord shall search All hearts.
The truth will Be heavy some will find it hard to bear,
The meaning of having faith is to find all comfort in there.
Truth is not a game so Be careful how One may play,
anyone attempting to distort it will surely Be led astray.
To an unholy world the truth can seem so vain,
But We know there 's still some who truly want to remove the stains.
We know some have many pains that have mounted up over the years,
But know that You're not alone All hearts to Us are dear.
Now ,To All who came to understanding and know the Lord to fear,
Don't dry Your weeping eyes No,For Jah shall dry The Tears! Amen

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