The Teenager

The young adolescent who thinks knows all
The struggle of his life is one large haul
It is crazy how much trust he's given
On top of the world, making a million
Carries his own phone, always at his side
His lover, his brother, all who have died
His crying, his sorrow, all seems too much
Depression comes too close, drinking the dutch
Parties on parties, feels nothing, not love
He prays as he stresses, looking above
Brand new Nikes that is his special shoe
Shows the friends his bank, let out all the "oohs"
Bought some fresh grass a couple of ounces
At school high, the words he mispronounces
Suspended again, second time that month
Broken hand, the door stopped the gruesome punch
Home all alone and his mind on a trip
What if this was all gone? What if he quit?
He thought and he thought and picked up the twine
He then met the Lord, with who he then dined

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