The Tempestuous Past

The past creeps up on us. Every one of us.
It's a rabid dog that attacks when we devote minds to the present.
Shaking hands illustrate unto us that we resemble the earth.
Our veins are fault lines,
eyes are waterfalls,
hearts are uncontrollable wolves.
We feast love and devotion and fuel ourselves with these luxuries.
As the earth trembles and shakes, so do we.
We shake from memories,
we tremble at our dark thoughts,
and we destroy beautiful things.
Humans inhabit the earth as tears inhabit our eyelids.
There is always a match to this suffering.
We resemble the earth in its immeasurable beauty, as well.
Kindness sprouts from our soul
Just as flowers push up from cracks in stern cement.
We are resilient.
We are valiant.
We are steadfast.
We will make it through.
Civilizations rebuild themselves after natural disasters.
Our disasters are panic attacks, depression, and flashbacks.
Rebuilding ourselves will last forever.
I hope you last forever along with the majesty of the earth.

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