The Tempestuous Storm

The Tempestuous Storm
A Poem Written by Elora Kiesel

The horses started to get frisky in their paddock
They could smell the coming sweet raindrops
And they could feel wisps of light, gentle wind
And in the distance, there was a low rumble of thunder
And on the horizon, there was a bright flash of lightning.
They could see the grasses waving in the fields

Slowly the flowers and trees started bowing in the fields
The horses started running around in the paddock
There was another flash of blinding lightning
And the drizzle turned into heavy raindrops
Then there was another violent clap of thunder
And louder got the whooshing of the wind.

As the air began to fill with the howling wind
The grasses were almost ripping from the fields
And the din of noises grew with the thunder
While the horses started to whinny in the paddocks
The horse’s shelter was pounding with raindrops.
And brighter and more startling grew the lightning

Finally, the storm reached its peak with the flashes of lightning.
And the most monstrous howls of angry wind.
While the horses were being pelted by the sharp raindrops
Branches were flying across the open fields.
And the horses were under trees and shelters in their paddock.
Then the horrible raving noise that filled the air, Thunder.

Slowly died out the slams of thunder.
And so did the flashes of blinding lightning.
As the horses stopped panicking in their paddock
The loud howling died down from the wind.
And the debris was now just scooting across the fields.
And all you could hear was the drizzle of raindrops.

Then the drizzle turned into misty light raindrops
And in the distance, you could barely make out a rumble of thunder
Now everything was quiet and still in the fields.
Now and then, there was a distant flash of lightning.
And there was only a soft whistle of the wind.
The horses were now calmly grazing in the paddock.

And now, finally, everything was quiet, no more thunder and lightning.
No more frisky horses in the paddock or tumbling debris in the fields
And no more pounding raindrops and no more howling whistling wind.

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