The Terror of The night

In the solitude of beating gongs
Surrounded by many rising waves
She bravely flickered a daring smile
With full knowledge of a required mile
With uncertainty of her destination
Yes, like a bruised soldier she marched on
Letting no lens captured her scars

Many wished for her limelight
How little did they knew of her demons
How when darkness creeps
A hollow cry became the owl of the night
The eerie melody harmonized by jackals

Yet in the morning she puts on her veil of make up
To cover the horror of closed doors
To put on a performance for the stage world
Only the ceiling sees what is on the floor

Her reflection asked her to depart
Yet she concluded to her sullied soul that it’s her part
Many envied her husband s demure
The even branded her the lucky one
Little did they known
His is the terror that creeps in at night

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