The Thanksgiving Story

Pilgrims and Indians from way back when
(Before we were spoiled again and again)
For them winters were tough and many did die
But some death, they did defy
Now days though we think we have it tough
When our thick warm balnkets are just a tad rough
Or our plentiful foood is a touch too cold
Or to sleep, your sister won't be lulled
The Pilgrims got sick and food was so rare
To us living then would be quite a scare
When they finally got out of winter alive
They threw quite the legendary party jive
It was Thanksgiving! A feast ever so great!
The pilgrims gathered and ate and ate and ate
They ate fruits, grain, and a thanksgivng turkey
Both sides gathered to eat though the future was murky
They celebrated a friendship that went both ways
The Indians taught the Pilgrims how to harvest maize
And in return they recieved crop, lots!
So when you're whining about what you have not
Think about them and the harships they went through
And you'll know just what to do
Give thanks for food, fun, family, and friendship
And Grandma's delicious gravy dip
Happy thanksgiving to all and to all an appetite

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