The thing about volcanoes

Your eyes,
They're like windows
But ones with the shades drawn
Dark and empty
Leaving me to wonder,
What's behind those curtains?
I've seen what's there when they're open,
When the sun is beaming through
But I'm blinded by the darkness
Im cautiously feeling around a pitch black room
Trying to find the safe place,
that is the bed, at 3am
I am a small child
And your rage is the floor
and the floor, the floor is lava
I leave the safe place
I try my hardest
To get to the hallway
The hallway, that is your heart
But there's so much floor
Theres is SO much floor
between the safe place and the hallway
Careful, darling...
Because that's the thing about volcanoes
Volcanoes erupt,
And you will ALWAYS get burned

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