The Things I’ll Do To You.

These are the things i'll do to you
from what you put me through
from what my heart thought was real
was more of a scam than a good deal
Your heart is as black as coal
your're filthy, covered in dirt, like a mole
I'll plunge your heart in a furnace of fire
then drag it through a mire
I'll admit that your intentions were good at first
like quenching my dire thirst
this thirst was a desire, an enchantment, a spell.
which values are true and outcomes are well
So with poison, I will rid myself of love
free myself like a dove
watch the putrid liquid engulf your sin
which your soul is imprisoned in
I gave you my heart on a silver platter
trembling as I held it, making such a clatter
you took my heart and tossed it aside
along with my love, hope, and pride
In rage, I plunge my hand into your heart
to take the piece of mine you tore apart
I don't want to hear your desperate cries of plea
because you never deserved me.

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