The things that you do

I sit and think with you kissing me softly
If I refused to speak I wonder what it would cost me
Should I keep my feelings inside sitting in this nature environment that is lofty
Would you love me the same if I wasn’t so flossy
Or if I lost the material things that money brings
That would make us feel less comfortable under these sunny scenes

I am a little troubled by your ways when your hips roll in your jeans
A sight without you paying attention is more than an honest tease
Thinking about how I want to explore your body in more ways that you wouldn’t believe
In hide and seek you wouldn’t need to find me
Because I could smell your scent between the air and the trees

Our love should be more than fair until we are both eagerly pleased
Into the sweet melodies of when humming bird sing
Encouraging words can be so heavenly when things are as pleasant as they seem
When our reality is starting to catch a glimpse of our dreams

The things that you do can’t always ensure that your love will stay true
Even though sometimes you may love me more than I love you
Thinking as you touch me while we enjoy this bowl of fresh fruit
When we are apart how do we stay on one accord and remain true
Honesty is something that we can’t avoid and communication is the main tool
Telling lies with deceitful eyes we couldn’t play each other like fools
A love like this takes time so in the game of life we’ll watch and enjoy the moves

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