The Things You Think Of

The things you think of,
When your doing nothing,
The things you think of,
When you feel cuddly,
What things run through your mind,
If your around somebody,
Do think of your loved ones,
Or just think of that one you make love to,
Maybe just a round about of everything,
The things you think of,
When it's a beautiful midnight blue sky,
Just to sit on a swing,
Just close your eyes,
Watching kids play,
Feel the breeze sway,
The tree's Flowing in the air,
What kind of things do you think of,
Having a family,
Hugging each other every night,
Cuddling on the swing,
Maybe watch a movie,
Maybe just have some fun,
With your significant other one,
So just tell me,
Be open,
What do you think of,
When you feel it's all over.....

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This Poems Story

When things seem to feel as if its all over, or if you have failed at everything you try, what kinds of things do you think of? I wrote this because in my life at a point in time I felt as if everything failed. Work, Jobs, trying to raise my kids, so just little bitty meaningless things to some starting coming across in my head.