The Thirst of Success

Being assiduous, being barmy of Our goal is hard!
Being becalmed with mistakes,
Being bemused with descends,
Makes the heart desolate!
I, the derelict-ed of success
"You Can!", the dulcet voices I hear,
Made me feel ecstasy!
But these endearing words,
Even though make me inspire,
But soon are they expire!

My procrastinating mind-the reason!
But the voices in me arise,
"Expose your strength,
Be famished with your goal,
Make it happen!"
I'm no more impotent,
I'm right now importunate.
Even though, It's hard and broad
Even though, I am a snail at work
I am unique in my own way!
I'm not me until I succeed,
The before-me is searching the real me!
Maybe, I fear I could end up my life
In searching the "real me"!
Unknowing that the 'real me ' is within me,
Buried, mummified with the
Yeah, I believe in after-life and
That's life after failure!
Always trying to be victorious
Or once succeeded the war to
Linger in that position...Oh my God,
Life ends there...
And that's why I don't want a perfect life...
I need a happy life...

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