the thought of a you

I think loneliness must have been built for two
Since what I miss is the thought of a you
And the touch of your hands on my pale skin
Which made me feel like heaven is a place to sin
And maybe what I lost once is what had to be found
Cause all my losses keep coming back around
But lately I’ve been stumbling around
With my head up high in your darkest clouds
Everything your fingers touch is dying in a few
They fear missing the haunting thought of a you
You burn them out and set them vividly aflame
Watching their colors fade as you’re leaving
When you told me you needed some space
I discovered there’s more than the thought of you
Now I can’t stop reaching for the universe
And everything you can’t set on your fire
I’m dancing like every planet spinning above
With stars in my eyes you once burned out
But what‘s gone and what stays may be the same
The captivating thought of a me in your mind
How I blew out once you struck your match
And the pretty firework we once used to be

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This Poems Story

Sometimes I experience relationships as very exploding, somehow abusive in it\'s on way, you know, that kind of relationship that you\'re always thinking about. How much it hurts, how much you felt, how much you cried... It all does not matter in the end, you still keep thinking about how they struck their match, the colors, how... beautiful destruction can be if you love someone altough the pain weighs heavy on your heart. You both know you left a trace in each others mind, a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling of something unique. But you don\'t want it back, it\'s alright; altough it never stops haunting you.