The Three Shadows

all I saw was a demure figure standing there
on the bleak country side with one flame to spare
he was merely an observer waiting for his time to come
he was lonely with plenty of despair,
only his one need kept him there
with a murre cawing in the depths of the shadows,
nothing occurred but a quite winded murre
one might think it was a cry of despair or a warning,
a warning to the great figure standing there

until at one moment I saw another figure standing there
he had at once sent chills into the air
on top of the hill with a midnight shadow
he was cloaked and casted shadows
upon the lingering figure below
then there came a trill, one like a wavering thrill
It was nothing more than a tremor,
created by the nervous english fella
his axe swung back and forth with a shine of the moons pale yellow

another murre cawed, two circling the hill like an angry mob
the demure figure turned around
and realized there was nothing there
only his imagination playing tricks
tis only the wind and nothing else

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