The Thunder Beckons

With faith all things are made possible,
all things for those who dare to believe,
with strength of vision comes clarity,
along with the courage to conceive.
As my destiny has awaited
patiently for me to heed its call
for the promise of its fulfillment,
the thunder beckons, once and for all.
Just like sand that fills up an hourglass,
as my time winds down it draws near,
aptly my heart aches for forgiveness,
mercy from the past so crystal clear
Lost youth long since spent in wondering,
forlorn glances of year after year,
wondering what shall become of me,
yet,if only now the past was here.
For as the burning intense desire
creeps forth out of my tormented soul,
my fate shall have what it came for,
beg lone that the end shall make me whole.

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