The Tide of the Oceanic Soul

The Rising and falling of the tide, a salty breath, a crescent moon,
A spark, a romance, a keenness, a desire and aspiration,
Like the rising ocean's encompassing waves, passionate emotions,
They crash, they efface the depths in the sands of the heart,
The setting sun, the flash, the green, the luminescence of the moon,
A murmur, a whisper in the dark, a cloud aloof in the midnight sky.

The rising waves of passion, a star, a lingering gaze, a soft smile,
Coldness, moistness, a warm thrill a distant rush,
An entrancement, pining for depth, a spiritual darkness,
Imperiousness, opacity, obduracy, implacability,
A valley of trials, a path, hope drizzled with longing, fulfillment,
Engulfed by the temptations, captivated, contingent, con-flagrant.

The falling waves of spirit, Blinded by courage, embraced by love,
Encompassed with faith, endowing trust, embellished by selflessness,
Effacement of darkness, eradication of despair, a pretense of hope,
The luminous of the darkness, the ocean, the waves,
Breathing.IN.OUT.a beating heart.Alive,
A fire ablaze in the soul, burning yet un-consumed.

The rising waves, the oceanic soul, Pierced, penetrated by spirit,
Understood by few, confounded, complex, simplicity, sincerity,
Wind, breeze, rustling, whispering...calmness, peace, joy,
Flooding the spirit, light, brilliance, beauty, unadulterated purity,

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