The Tides

What is life anyway, but the "ebb and the flow",
The coming of this, the then letting go,
For we all have experienced we had something one day,
And the next thing we know, life takes it away.....

It is all here and now, this moment in space,
The meaning is here, in your special place,
So give all you can, and love all you've got,
For in the next moment, you know you have not.....

Life is uncertain, that is all we need know,
We can lose in a flash what we thought couldn't go,
So don't hold on tightly, just loosen your hold,
From all that you need, from all that your told.....

And live like the tides, the ebb and the flow,
The in and the out, the dim and the glow.....

For what is life anyway but a small speck in time,
A place you can say.....this was never mine!

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