The Time Is Now

If after all the world is down to nobody seeing
Would we be disillusioned by thoughts freeing

When all the world is what we seem to aim for
Are there means of resurrection or even restore

This thing we are all so guilty of doing everyday
Of polluting this beautiful planet in every kind of way

Is ultimately the demise of such a gift to man
Surely when given was never part of the plan

How are we so naive in our state of living
To think there would be no reaction with meaning

And in the morning when there is no sun
What would live in the darkness absolutely none

If ever we should come together it's definitely now
Obviously the smallest of change for better is how

When are we ever going to have the time to change or fix this
Forbid the day we are all dying for the opportunity we now miss

Out of either just plain being ignorant or especially lazy
Ultimately we'd be left in a world unknown ever so crazy

The time is now for us to act as a team or brothers
Let not your future be erased or even that of others

Simply recycling can change allot of detrimental acts
All things ever so small have effect as a matter of fact

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This Poems Story

After seeing such dramatic weather changes due to climate change and global warming and it brings a fear to me that I can't shake