The Time Is Present

I don't know if I can succeed,
But if I don't step out,
The doors of opportunities will vanish.

It's time to go, don't fret,
Just remember how I got here.
Don't look back, just continue.

The feeling of scared is natural,
The future can't be foreseen,
For nothing is perfect.

But maybe my imagination will help me
To form my tomorrow, the way I see it.
And if complications arise, just compromise.

What if I fail and all my actions collapse?
No, the time is upon me. Now or never;
Each moment of hesitation is a loss for time.

Have courage, stand tall, and stick to my guns.
Conquer, and even in defeat, rise again.
Failure is knowledge to learn and grow stronger.

The time is now, and I know what I must do:
Keep pushing forward.

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