The Timeless Place

Second chance, much like the first,
a second chance to break the curse.
Another time to right the wrong,
another dance to the same old song.
The same dirt road in the same small town,
the same old friends that have stuck around.
I watch this place that will never change,
a world in progress but we stay the same.
I know all the streets, all the mountains, and the hills.
I recognize the smell of the lakes and the trees.
The laughter of children and the cool Autumn breeze,
the calls of the wild and the chills that they bring.
The ebb of the shores and the rush of the streams.
Though this brings me bliss, there is a strain,
the cloth of my town is woven in pain.
Equality is a falicy, the signs are all there,
be one with God and your soul will be spared.
But the rich stay rich and the poor, are well poor.
No crossing of classes, there's no open doors.
To not know their "God" is to be the outcast,
don't forget that my town is stuck in the past.
So a second chance seems unreal,
there is no way to sway how the townspeople feel.
But with all the progress the world has to give,
ignorant to change is how they will live.

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