The Timeline of Lines

They take me back to a time and a place,
To make me remember such beauty and grace.
At that place and within this time,
It all starts out being fine and divine.
There was goodness, greatness, so much to do,
That always included just me and you.
At first, a burst, of nothing but yes!
A glance, a graze, a deep caress,
Then slowly expectation took over the rest,
Leaving an abysmal hole in my chest.
So I took to the page to write down my thoughts,
Allowing me to revisit the twists in my knots,
I play back the memories, the good and the bad,
I'll never forget the times that we had.
That means I'll remember the depth of your scum,
I'll forget that my fingers used to go numb.
I'll only think now of how happy I am,
To have moved on to find my perfect man.
He's sweet, and caring, and loves me more than life,
Someday I bet he'll even make me his wife.
We'll live like they do in the fairytale books,
Where they do things like magic with glimmering looks.
There's nothing in our way, only time will tell,
Where it's all led up to, there's no room to dwell,
On anything that was, because of what the future holds.
The rest is all history, I can't wait for what unfolds.

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