Abundant in wealth but yet I luck
Abundant in knowledge but yet I hide
My wealth are being amassed into strange lands
My youth engaged in corrupt practices
My future leaders, today, are present day corrupters
My politicians are selfish and incompetent
My children fight each other without any reason
How can I live if these things keep going on?
How will my tomorrow be?
Oh! My children, won’t you ever learn?
Independent you claim to be, yet slaves you are
Your hearts and minds abroad but your skull at home
Think not my children, what will be the tomorrow me?
As a mother, I cry and call for change,
But my children hear me not
I’m in deep pain, my heart is in sorrow
But there’s none to comfort me
Arise my children!
Arise and learn!
Children of Africa arise and act!
But if my children hear not my voice,
Oh! mother Africa what will be the tomorrow me?

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