The tongue twisting poem.

If a woodpecker, could chuck wood?
Would a woodpecker be a wood chuckin', woodpecker?
And if a woodchuck, could peck wood?
Would a woodchuck be a wood peckin', woodchuck?
But if you had a woodchuck, woodpecker?
Or a woodpecker, woodchuck?
Would the woodchuck, chuck the woodpecker?
Or would the woodpecker, peck the woodchuck?
Would you have a wood peckin, wood chuckin ', woodpecker?
Or would you have a wood chuckin ', wood peckin, woodchuck?
Maybe you would have a wood peck, wood chuck, woodpecker?
Or a wood chuck, wood peck, woodchuck?
How could a wood chuckin', woodpecker, chuck wood?
Or how could a wood peckin', woodchuck, peck wood?
Would a woodpecker, chuck wood, if it could?
Or would a woodchuck, peck wood, if it could?

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