The Tortoise and the Hare Narrative

There once lived a hare
In a house made of wood
A short distance from where
An old turtle had stood

Now the rabbit was proud
Of his great, breakneck pace
So he went and he bowed
To the turtle with grace

And he said with the air
Of a victor for sure
“I would like to now dare
You a race to the moor.”

When the turtle agreed,
Then the two then set out
To the Longberry Weed
Till the race came about

And with one great big hurtle
Off both of them thrust
And quite sadly, the turtle
Was left in the dust.

For the hare, he was quick,
And he had not to try;
He could walk with a stick
And still pass his friend by!

But close to an old shed,
The rabbit grew tired,
He was so far ahead,
And all he desired,

Was a light and short rest
On some moss by the stream
For he still was the best--
He’d succeed in his scheme!

So the rabbit lay down
In the sun’s gentle stare,
With the woods all around,
And a breeze in his hair.

And the rabbit was sleeping
Much longer than planned--
So the turtle came creeping
‘Till past the woodland.

And the rabbit, not told,
Of trophy now taken,
Slept on, through the cold,
He was happy, not shaken.

But the tortoise, he finished
The trek with a smile;
His strength not diminished
From slow taking style.

And when Rabbit awoke,
And he noticed the hour,
He let out a loud croak
And he ran through the flowers!

He arrived at the end,
And he looked around, mad
For his lost suppos’d “friend”
That had beat him so bad

And there sat the turtle,
The wreath on his neck,
And a large flowered hat
On the grand winner’s deck.

For although, the fast rabbit,
He ran with great speed,
And he thought winning a habit
Of his guaranteed.

But the turtle, he tried,
And he gave it his all,
Done without any loud,
Snide, or arrogant calls.

So let this great lesson
Be taught unto you;
And in this you might lessen
Your failures all through:

Give all tasks your all
Ev’ry challenge your best,
No matter how small,
And THEN you can rest.

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