The Toughest Job of All

There are many ways to earn your bread.
It really doesn't matter
How you get your family fed.
Not having anyone to talk to
Or a motivation to be on the ball
Can be the hardest job of all.
It's hard to keep your chin up
When you feel useless and unloved.
It's hard pretending to be busy
Without a boss wearing his white glove,
How many times
Can you visit a golf course or playground.
It's hard to feel important
When there is no one around.
Missing time passes-
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.
Yes, not having work
Can be the toughest job of all.
You can brag to your friends
About how much fun it is to be free.
But, you must have a purpose
To age gracefully.
Besides chasing a golf or tennis ball,
You must somehow earn your merit certificate
To hang on your wall.
Yes, being without work
Can be the toughest job of all

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