The Toxic Truth

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
All you make are excuses
To cover up the lies you hide
To trick me into believing you
When you did something wrong
You bended the truth
You dodged the question
You gave yourself an excuse
Why must you protect your pride?
You hurt me and insisted I was wrong
In the end what are you trying to prove?
That you would never hurt me?
That you would never do something cruel?
I thought we were close
I thought it was okay to show our flaws
But I thought too soon
You were poisoned all the way to your roots
I had to breathe in the Toxic truth
Now that I'm letting go
I'm able to see the truth
That your a narcissistic selfish liar
And that I'm too good for you

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Tags : Toxic friendship, losing a friend, jealousy, letting go, feeling insecure
Key Words : Excuses, Lies, poisoned all the way to your roots, toxic truth, letting go

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This Poems Story

Everyone has been through a toxic friendship but the hardest part about it is understanding your worth and letting go. It\'s hard to let go of toxic friendships. but we have to let go at some point because some friendships are poisoned and some friends don\'t care about you as much as you think they would. \'The Toxic Truth\' is my thinking poem about dealing with toxic friends and being able to let go and realizing you\'re worth it.