The track I like most

By SaiRafi   

Shall you be my arm so I can do more;
The track I like most.
Even knew it or think I knew it whatever;
The track I like most.

Every event of my life half gonna crushed,
Hopeful again and again hopeless,
Every upcoming road would never end,
I could be hopeful again until rushed.

By the rope of the time-
By the invincible core-
By the breath air-
By the root of the line,
In the mean time should I do more
Or puzzling to be or not to be score.

Tomorrow is coming when gotta out
No more review so no more chance.
But I like the track most-
But they think I lost-
But I like the track most-
But I won't lost-
Tomorrow will gone even no shout
No more chance so only live once.

Can you be my pen so I can write more;
My track I like that have cost
So I like most;
Of the road or inside between grass
Or every foot steps of mine across the road-
Which have been taken long with mixed proses-
For bring all good or none of hourglass
Half of my life has gone to abroad.

I like my track so I create at last
Why would not I like most?
You know
One day your voices-
No need to speak-out;
You know
Your single think but
Thousands of minds-
Thousands of times,
Already done and shut.

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This Poems Story

It was some days ago, I wrote it on my notepad. I think self being and the sense of self existence is really fact for every living human as well as self choosen life style also get the same priority. I called it as "Track", no matter how others can think rather It should be a liken thing.