The Trail

I saw a special place today in my mind.
It was a better place of another time.
Animals were plentiful, heartaches but a few.
Till white man came and took it from you.
He made you promises, but did not keep.
The greed of man runs wide, the greed runs deep.
Gave your people a vision of a glorious new life
Lies and treachery to you, as well as your wife.

He slaughtered the buffalo you needed for food.
Left them to rot and said it was good.
Told your people to go, your land you must leave.
It's written in history for all who do not believe.
Man gave no thanks, nor did he understand
The rhythm of all nature, nor respect of the land.
He took what he wanted, never giving it a thought.
That Earth should be respected and cannot be bought.

I pray that man learns before it's too late
Woe to the small children if our destiny's left to hate.
The land must be nourished and healed back to health,
Not robbed of it riches, merely for man's wealth.
Man wrote upon a paper and sent soldiers into action,
The removal of thousands, a law signed by Jackson.
They ordered you to leave the land you held dear-
This removal of thousands on a trail stained with tears.

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