The Train

My mind races at wild paces searching desperately for friendly faces.
The world is mad and I’m not sad, just want to make it not so bad
Others I guide, but I just hide, those evil thoughts deep inside
But I disagree, those aren’t me, consequential of the hell I’ve seen
I hold to hope, put away the rope, knowing I’m strong enough to cope
This storm in my head, says it all will end, and I’m the reason why
So just play dead, and go to bed, pretending it’s all fine
But all this dread, weight like lead, holding down my chest
Repeating voices, though all they’ve said, is you’ll never be the best
I know they’re lies, because in the eyes of everyone around
I hold this weight, and though its late, I’ll never let them down.
I fight this war, inside my mind, but the hope is not for me
The blood and gore I help to hide, don’t let the others see
To help them soar, and avoid the horror, of this train, anxiety.

Circling… circling…
Round and round
The whistle blows but with no sound
You’re on the way up, but going down
When reality is chasing like a hound
When earth rises, and there’s no ground
Demons free, worries abound
The pressure building all around
The anxiety train has come to town

As the storm subsides, emotions collide and evaporate to dust
An empty pit, where the flame was lit that burned away the rest
The chaos passes, and your mind relaxes into a deep abyss
Stuck in the station, anticipation for train next on the list
The anxiety train has come and gone, though it always comes again
It comes to station, as the doors unlock, and try to coax you in,
Nervous to leave and wanting reprieve from all your previous sins,
The memories hurt, as your mind’s at work breaking you down within,
But this isn’t your train, because in your brain, you’re seeking something more
You stay in your seat, and wait a beat, as the engine begins to roar
The station shakes, as the train quakes, and finally moves along
Enjoy the quiet as the world falls silent and the chaos begins to dissolve
This isn’t your train, you’ve trained your brain to pursue positivity
This circle of pain, I’ll state it plain, is just anxiety.

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