The Transformation of the Wolves

As I strolled through the valley, so lush and so green
I decided I was hungry, the thought itself was keen
I followed my fat belly, to see what could be seen
To fill myself up fully, and leave no space in between

As I crested the hill, to my sure delight
I found a flock grazing at will, it was a wonderful sight
I scouted out my kill, chose which one I'd bite
Today I'd have my fill, I thought full of my own might

I sneaked and I crawled, to the edge of the flock
Somewhere a mother called, as if just to mock
The young lamb seemed appalled, and continued to walk
And each step installed, the closer I got

I was wise in my choice; I knew that for sure
For the ones that were moist, the ones so mature
Had One to hear their voice, and He made them secure
But this lamb knew not to make noise, it simply followed my lure

It had lived on the edge, it was obvious to see
And hadn't minded the ledge, it hadn't yet seen me
Its mother put up a hedge, but this lamb had learned to flee
It complained about its cage, and it wanted to be free

And so I crept up, in the very tall grass
To the oblivious little pup, trying not to seem crass
It didn't backup, when I showed my whole mass
It simply sat up, as if ready for a class

I'd teach it a thing or two, I thought with a grin
It looked up at me with not a clue, that it could not possibly win
I was about to unglue, to laugh deep within
How could this lamb not construe, that things would soon turn grim

It looked up with wonder, at my snarling face
It tucked its feet up under, and waited for the chase
My heart pounded like thunder, suddenly I wanted to erase
This innocent lamb's blunder, to give it a load of grace

I felt at awe at what lay before me, before my weary eyes
A lamb with no plea, when it knew it was to die
I wanted to guarantee, it would never need to cry
I felt the load of unforeseen, complete oversupply

I took the lamb in my jaws, careful not to poke
And the sheep made way for my paws, some of them I saw about to choke
They stared wide eyed at my claws, they thought a scuffle I'd invoke
I heard a few guffaws, they talked of all the trouble I could provoke

Still they let me through, knowing what was best
For the things they said were true, trouble I had stressed
I made my way through the hullabaloo, the young one unaddressed
I found the place where I knew, the Man was whose audience I'd request

But I discovered that He, in His infinite wisdom and glory
Was already waiting for me, and humbly I told Him my story
Yet somehow He knew it already, and forgave all my mischievous quarry
He took the lamb and with a decree, proclaimed today would no more be gory

He saved me from my life of death, and gave me something new
Now I have eternal breath, and my wants are more filled too
I no longer must rely on stealth, He's made my life anew
He gives me life and gives me wealth, His will I'll now pursue

He now lets me heard his sheep, His oh so precious children
He allows me now to sleep, knowing I'm forgiven
I shield his little ones from the deep, they're unaware has riven
Many an unsuspecting heap, from the lives their Shepard had given

He lets me watch that one young child, the one I'd almost eaten
By the transformation I'm beguiled, it now tastes true freedom
To think it sat back and hadn't reviled, will always truly sweeten
The fact the dark wolf wanted it defiled, but in the end he was beaten

I used to serve that wolf so dark, his bidding I would do
I soon learned of the wicked spark, that serving him would brew
The Shepard wiped me of that mark, and now my color's new
I'm no longer that color so stark, my shade He did renew

I'm now a sheep, He made me one
It makes me leap, I'm now His son
I was so cheap, so hurt undone
It makes me weep, to think what He's done

That I'm white as snow, a pure white lamb
And He made me so, I'm a new man
I'm so below, what they see me as
But the Shepard knows, just what I am

So when they try and start, to give all praise to me
I'll point them to the chart, the record of how wickedly
I lived before God renewed my heart, then maybe they will see
That it's Him who's played the part, and made all new and clean

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This Poems Story

Coming to God after working for the enemy. God’s love and grace for us exceeds anything we could ever imagine.