The Transition

Deplorable fortune we amass
Enable us to reach an impasse
Pursuing nothing but sorrow
Right into the gloomy morrow
Ever to think it will cease
Since all we want is to acquire peace
Sorely he comes to us and ingest
In his liar making you stressed
Ought to know if you'll be forever
Negative and mischievous for whomever
To take these thoughts and actions
Obliviate the dreadful and strike back with factions
Joyously content in a crowd of umpteen
Underneath the sun's rays we glean
Before the glorious day ends
I look down to see what bends
Leaning against me stood florets of white
A dandelion that soon takes flight
To unknown lands and uncharted seas
In their journey they land at ease
Over and over producing cheer
Nevertheless seeing darkness bring fear

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