The Trapped Soul

All I feel is emptiness,
Black as ink darkness surrounds me,
My own tomb has become my fear,
My soul is being eaten up by this pain,
I crave for some help,
And all I get is this trepidance.

I bang my sweaty head on the wall,
"Answer me, I order you"
"Am I a pawn in your hands?"
"Are you the me within me?"
"Am I in a world of my own
Trapped here, chained by you?"
"I am the voice in a box"
Is all it ever answered.

Alas, today,
I see a dingy dreary ray of hope,
And I jump with the courage,
That will free my soul from the clasps of this voice.

As the concrete turned blood red,
The innocent soul attained the needed nirvana,
And flew into the boundless universe.

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