The Traveler

By Neelu   

In the middle of the night, from the head of the sky
A silver bowl pours moonlight
The dark river is over flooding
A never-ending white carpet on the vast land.

Oh, the dancing of the deciduous trees and the wind playing Mozart music allures my soul,
Let me know the sad moon of my sky-surrounded evening --how to
lose yourself in new life.

Oops, the invincible appetite eats the fog full of motherhood in the belly of the rice plant ;
drop my vagabond into the dustbins
Colorless frame of nursing.

Alas! The sparrow's hanging family in the
indifferent palm tree before the open mouth of devastating tempest,
the odd sounds
at the end of my thought .
Now let me learn the security
Charm of worship!

Hey,the ever flowing gentle river
beside the bot, the roots of the friendship you have in your heart,
A bosom friend stretching his helping hands
Flowers on the river bed
Tears trickling down the eye-bank
meeting the wear
Teaches me too,
The sweetest humility of flowers and insects!

Oops! The farmer of the pure mind,
whose energetic toiled hands and hard labour sweat
Ornating the paddy fields lovingly
harvests golden grains and at last hands over the food to the neibours !
Now enlightens me too!

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Key Words : Nature, beauty , harvest, forest,

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