The Traveler

I’m an Apostle and my name is Paul
I am on a journey; I received a call
I have a message for every land
Don’t try to stop me; I’m a travelin’ man

Starting at Jerusalem; I’m on my way
Jesus is my message; hear what I say
Come all you people and gather round
‘Cause I’ll soon take my message to another town

I travel by land and I travel by sea
From Macedonia to Sicily
I carry a message that must be told
The love of Jesus will never grow old

Don’t try to jail me; I have no fear
While I’m praising God, you can’t keep me here
Whip me or beat me, you won’t shut my lips
I’ll keep teachin’ ‘bout Jesus on my trips

I’m on a mission; please hear my plea
Jesus is your Savior; he will set you free
I’ll preach salvation to all I can
I must move on; I’m a travelin’ man

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