The Tree of Knowledge That Speaks


Ever since I have remembered you were there right in the ground
Not much to show and flaunt just a young still growing trunk
I sat there in soft grass as we stared without a sound
You seem to know not say your ways had no debunk

Though while you do not speak your steadiness held true,
Your unspoken guiding wisdom is imparted in your silence,
You show the path of life as each day begins a new,
For as I stopped from time to time I hear your subtle guidance.

Time becomes more scarce as my life becomes more full,
The beckoning of your wisdom becomes more silent in the world.
I don’t see your waiting arms as if my eyes fell out my skull
For a moment I forget your ways and the wind around that swirled

I grow old and patient as I face the weight of time,
On a walk I see you once again and I greet you my dear friend.
We tell each other stories as the winds begin to chime
We reflect upon our lives as the day comes to end.

We bask now in the moonlight, the brokenness of day.
I smell the cool air splinter the life left of the sun .
The path left for us both is uncertain and its road may,
Leave me feeling lost, broken, torn, scattered and undone.

I look again your wisdom inspires a new tune.
One full of melodies and a hope of life beyond,
A life of contentment and trust as we sat beneath the moon
Your word swirls inside me as a wizard with his wand.

Ever since I have remembered you were there right in the ground
Now you have so much to show your leaves so rightly proud
I sat there in the grass as we stared without a sound
At the moon which gives us light with no sight of a cloud
Your words guide the truth in me
Without you I would often forget
That life is not all to see
There is something waiting yet

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