The Trench

On a voyage was I set anew,
Scared and nervous to the brim;
Never had I such a moment before,
As gulped in was the colour of the sea.

The sea was obvious before I stepped in,
But not so as I got in the trench;
Swirling around again and out,
Was I stuck in for a lot while keen.

The trench from far seemed so near,
And amazing to look and encounter;
Fascination and desperation I owned,
And fell in was I happy mere.

You know what I am talking about,
The trench of Mariana, failed friendship I call;
For me, not all of you may,
Loner is the need to count.

I had it planned in a to-do list,
Not to think of any stunts in there;
And as I got nearer and more near,
Flown was I along the current deep.

I thought it would help in the monotony,
Of the voyage that wasn't bit bad;
But the shallow urge of my mind,
Lost the friction at the moment of rhyme.

And guess what was quick aftermath?
Elevated with the free flight I felt;
And the trench seemed not a dark ride,
But a valley of the holy water bath.

Where I was thrown in and out,
And attacked with sympathy bare;
But I looked at it as a comrade's brace,
later turned into lashes encased in drought.

The trench welcomed all who came,
And hugged with its own defined love;
But the visitor alike me knew well,
If only it was so as said.

Few months passed swiftly unseen,
Until the moment of a strong back urge;
Enough! Realised my soul so then,
And got me out of the wretched bin.

This time I saw sun rise and set,
And the obvious colour of the sea again!
Had thought as if trapped forever,
But no! It went so long by fate.

Such trenches keep saying hello,
And each one seems Mariana;
You just have to not wait,
And get the back urge stay in the flow.

Believe me, the voyage goes on and on,
And so did mine too along;
Eternal with a lot more ones,
With the end re-made as torn.

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This Poems Story

The trench is nothing but a point in life when you feel the saddest, just like the deepest trench of Mariana. But you need to come out of it with a back urge to resist and fight the turbulence of the harsh trench and be normal in life again, enjoying it's beauty. Such trenches keep on appearing in your life and everytime you feel like it's the worst one. Keep away from the illusion, stay strong and enjoy the glory of nature, back again!