The Triangle Went on a Tangent

My name is Triangle
A beautiful little gal
So why did this happen to me?
I can't really see,
How the Circle broke up with me.
He said, "It's me not you-our love was never true.
Your 3 vertices are small,
next to her 4 vertices of beauty that make me fall."
Oh that Square!
Why does she have just the right amount of flair?
He said, "You are the equation, and I am your answer."
But now he is in love with her?
If only you knew- she's so sticky, she could be glue!
He said "I'm not your lover, so stop trying to hover!"
I fell in love with someone else
So please try to have some sense!"
But I am his x and and he is my y.
So why did he leave without a goodbye?
He is so pointless
I really couldn't care less
But she is just right
I just have to sit there and hold tight
So why did this happen to me?
I maybe just can see.
How the Circle broke up with me.
Maybe I should be like her- it's the only answer!

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