The True Poet

The true poet, strikes a chord in every heart
And rings a collective bell!
He speaks not only in personal and social idioms, but,
From the species mind! The very heart of mankind!
Issuing forth in rhyme, verse and song
He redeems and restores
The beauty of every soul
Tarnished by the humdrum routines of a technocratic world
He is the vehicle of the soul’s ultimate values
Driven by a thunder flash of insights…to
Memorialize them in word deeds on paper
Wielding his wand of metal and ink
He transforms the empty page…into
A “vocabularic” garden… springing forth…with flowering word plants
The mind and heart delight in
He condenses vague misty feelings
Into showering word drops….refreshing
All who thirst for the clear word of truth!
Speaking to all humanity at once
He feels and writes, all the things
That need to be felt and said
To elevate the tree of mankind to its true height
Hero, god, and man…he’s the
The doctor… the nurse…the friend… the
Voce of the human soul…Amen!

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This Poems Story

The poem is just my expression of what I think a true poet is.