The Truly Unconditional Love

We breathe the same air as it goes to my heart
So true and refreshing, you make the love start
You give it the push; you give it the rush
By making me smile and my soul blush
You give it the smell like the rose you are
You give it the wings that makes it go far
I don't have to beg, I don't have to cry
I don't have to wonder or ask why
It's every so gentle, it's ever so sweet
Warms my body like hot chocolate I eat
No one can compete, no one can compare
No one can feel the only love you share
You're already special, your love doubles your heart
You tie them together; they're never apart
You spread it like blankets on my bed
You drop it down slowly, like the tears you spread
Your love marches like soldier's you led
So I wear your love like a crown on my head
Your love is power-lifts up the day
Brightens the night and redirects astray
Your love is strong like a million men
You're a great person, I say, Amen
Your love is wedding vows, 'til death do us apart
Still I don't worry again it will start
Because God gave you a gift he showered from above
The gift of your truly unconditional love

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