The trumpets call

Sitting in the shade of a forgotten desert tree
Before me a mirage, a tempestuous ancient sea

Men and beasts storm across, leaving ripples in the sand
A lion yawns behind me, a new born lamb suckles at my hand

The setting sun recedes, along with the phantom sea
It's foaming turbulent waters, replaced by buildings as far as the eye can see

A toss of the lions mane, it's explodes with golden light
Fleetingly i glimpse the truth, before it fades from sight

The lamb walks toward the city, I hear a crack and solitary word
"Come" and in that moment I see a man, as lamb and lion are blurred

Approaching in the distance, a rider chased by a plume of billowing sand
A king a top a pure white horse, golden crown and bow in hand

Proclaiming his triumph over innocence and sin
Colonial masters cheer from verandas while sipping ice tea and gin

Another rider joins the first astride a blood red mount
Cheers are quickly silenced as the sounds of battle surmount.

I witness brother fight with brother, sons take each others life
The horror of humanity by gun and sword and knife

"A quart of wheat for a denarius", a months wage for a loaf of bread
Taking candy from a baby but the baby's already dead

Famine and starvation hold the city in it's sway
A horse as black as night arrives to meet the day

False prophets, plague and hunger, roam alleyway and street
Trapped behind the city walls, citizens wilt in the oppressive heat

Hades grasp is a relief, for those to weak to care
Death arrives a loft a pale horse to collect his quarter share

I hear the cries of martyrs as every fourth person died
Then the world erupted, leaving nowhere left to hide

Trumpets roar announcing the first of the seven plagues of wrath
The global branding of the antichrist and those that follow his path

Red tide flows through the oceans, seas as barren as desert sands
Bloody water in the basin to wash a child's hands

The angels are rejoicing as the sun sets the world alight
All thats left are embers, glowing in the night

The climactic cacophony of armageddon, marks the end of world war three
I watch it all, again and again from the shade of a forgotten desert tree.

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