The Truth

I am The Truth
The true truth
Everybody talks lies
Polls are rating goals
A fools gold rush
People out of touch with facts so they pivot
But if you ask me they moved their pivot foot
I called it
Blacks and whites should call it too
The educated livid, the poor assume the position, hands up
The uninformed read, listen and watch truth-less biased propaganda called news
He won when no one said it was possible, too many obstacles
The bs maps said it could never happened, then it happened
The American people seemed to worship it like a golden calf getting a golden shower, as history laughs at the math
Where was the gold standard?
Was it TPP?
Maybe we should retrace the emails
The Muslim ban, the wall where the writing can be found
As the truth drowns us, this country must come around or its going down
The so-called conscious leaders chose not to vote
Blacks killing blacks, whites killing whites, right and left killing each other like red and blue
Worst than terrorist attacks, police kill blacks, black lives matter to blacks who kill blacks, as bodies stack to the sun in the shy
Heroes not easy to understand like Aleppo, kneeling when they should stand for something that matters not just what they're after
The amount of slaves fill prisons while no one listens to screams of innocence instead wealthy invest in more sales and more sales, and it sells
I blow the whistle, I toss the flag, I call foul, I call travel when you moved your pivot foot
I stand for truth, the youth, the vote, I stand for hope, I stand for legal smoking against legal overdose
As I ask myself what was the war on drugs for I blow the whistle and call it a drug war
And truth was the casualty
I am The Truth

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