The Truth

The truth is not given all the credit it is worth.
The truth may destroy u, it can kill u, and it will hurt.
Causing pain thats unbareable, but yet we carry on.
Never knowing that such a pain could ever last this long.
Do u realize the damage caused or the scares that it's left behind.
A broken heart may heal, but scars only fade with time.
Scares of mistakes made, bad choices, and broken ties.
Blinded to the truth because those u've trusted are behind the lies.
Often The Truth is demanded, but rarely is it received.
U can handle The Truth, that's what you've lead yourself to believe.
The Truth is that "The Truth" is nearly impossible to find.
Isn't that my luck, I found The Truth but lost my mind.
So now here I am broken, bitter, hurt, and sad.
Why couldn't I just be happy with The Truth I thought I had.
I thought I had a family of those I loved and whom loved me.
Well look at what a fool The Truth has made me out to be.

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