The Truth

By Heffrey   

Breaking my own promises to make others happy
But in the process making myself feel crappy
"Don't do it" I say to myself
Ever since these women came into my life i've had shit mental health
I'm so caring and kind trying to be that perfect guy
But they think i'm fake and the next minute they say "bye"
I'm a constant reminder of their demons and fears
"Rant to me i'm all ears"
But somehow I always end up in tears
I get nothing in return
Never the last laugh always a burn
I'm tempted to start being the guy they set me out to be
I feel like that life involves more glee
Always being shit on, baited into a reaction
Knowing that you are apart of the left faction
I've been miserable ever since I met you
But to form the mask I wear it takes a whole crew
I've got options, bitches to be exact
I figured it out, the code has been cracked

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This poem shows the irony in life and how you can't do anything about it