The Truth About Falling in Love

Everyone wants to fall in love.
Everybody wants to feel the flutters
The kisses, the protection and warmth
And oh Lord yes, that sweet love
Dripping like a melting icicle down your spine
Chills dripping just the same down your neck
Flows through your back.
But falling in love is not easy
Well sure, maybe it is easy to fall in love
But it is hard to be in love.
To try and stand so tall
To stop people from tearing you down
Gauging at your eyes your love might go blind
You find yourself trying to convince your love
Of the reasons to keep breathing, love.
Stay here love.
For you are the thing that is keeping me so alive and well
But you are the thing that is killing me so
Taking up every piece of me
Keeping me up all night restless overthinking
Baby please tell me, what will happen?
Is this really worth it, love?
All of this pain this burn, this fire won't stop burning.
Nobody wants to see the flames of this love but they keep on pouring gas on us
They think that it is water baby
They want to kill us but we keep growing taller
We are so confused
But we love the building blocks that this gas is feeding us
Yet we doubting our survival through this judgement.

Everyone wants to be in love
But no one will let us be in love.
We want to be in love.
So let us be.
-tiny willow.

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Sometimes being in love hurts.